Anjo Green tea daily moisture foam cleansing

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Anjo Green tea daily moisture foam cleansing, a soft cleansing facial wash with green tea controls the release of sebum, prevents the appearance of acne and acne, refreshes the skin for a long time, and is perfect for daily washing.

The main active ingredient of the foam is green tea extract (another name is Chinese camellia). In cosmetology, this is one of the universal ingredients, since the tannins, caffeine, polyphenols and other organic compounds included in it have a healing effect on any skin type, including sensitive. Improves blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels, supplies cells with moisture and oxygen, reduces swelling, and relieves redness. It cleans the mouths of the sebaceous glands and narrows them, normalizes metabolic processes, forms a protective barrier on the skin that prevents the growth of bacteria, neutralizes the aggression of free radicals and the environment, and fights age-related changes. When used, the product turns into a gentle, soft foam with thousands of micro-bubbles that dissolve cosmetics, sebum, dust, and other impurities, leaving the surface perfectly clean, fresh, and moisturized.

With regular use of Anjo Green tea daily moisture foam cleansing, the pores become less noticeable, the complexion evens out.

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