• Anjo Professional 24k Gold Foam Cleanser
  • Anjo professional 24k gold foam cleansing
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ANJO Professional 24k Gold Foam Cleanser


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ANJO Professional 24k Gold Foam Cleanser is a refreshing foaming cleanser containing 99.9% pure gold, it removes skin waste and dead skin cells, and provides vitality and moisture to the skin. Forming a lot of dense elastic foam, which penetrates deep into the pores and pushes out all impurities from there. Regular use of the foam helps to restore skin elasticity and firmness, and a healthy, radiant complexion. Effective in improving wrinkles by activating the cells and increasing skin elasticity.

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19 reviews for ANJO Professional 24k Gold Foam Cleanser

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  7. Aaria ***** (verified owner)

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  9. Robaiya ******* (verified owner)

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  14. Najia ******** (verified owner)

  15. Nazneen ******* (verified owner)

  16. Raisa **** (verified owner)

  17. Mosarraf ******** (verified owner)

  18. Moshiur ****** (verified owner)

  19. Nafisa ***** (verified owner)

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