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BEAUTY OF JOSEON Dynasty Cream is a brightening and anti-aging cream made with natural handbag (traditional Korean herbal medicine) ingredients for a healthier complexion. This newly reformulated formula contains revitalizing ginseng and brightening rice water to help firm, smooth, and moisturize the skin, while honey extract, squalane, and ceramide strengthen and protect the skin barrier.


This is Beauty of Joseon’s first product, ‘Dynasty Cream’, which has been loved by many for quite a long time. With its firm texture, it provides dense moisture and nourishment preventing skin from drying out even after long hours.
It is a multi-functional cream containing rice bran water, ginseng water, squalane, and niacinamide for skin health, moisture, and to maintain the oil and moisture balance.
Its firm texture provides moisture and nourishment from deep within.

Long-lasting moisture
Containing 2% niacinamide and 2% squalane, it balances oil and moisture and protects skin from external stimuli.

Subtle glow finish
This cream provides a gentle, glowy finish.
It creates a natural and healthy glow when used with foundation.


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24 reviews for BEAUTY OF JOSEON Dynasty Cream

  1. Sohel ***** (verified owner)

  2. Soma **** (verified owner)

  3. Suraiya ******* (verified owner)

  4. Anisha *** (verified owner)

  5. Umme **** (verified owner)

  6. Suparna **** (verified owner)

  7. Sazia **** (verified owner)

  8. Fatema ****** (verified owner)

  9. Salahuddin ** (verified owner)

  10. Kamrunnahar **** (verified owner)

  11. Sabrina ***** (verified owner)

  12. Samira ****** (verified owner)

  13. Masiat ******* (verified owner)

  14. Fabiha ****** (verified owner)

  15. hamida ***** (verified owner)

  16. Sushmita ******* (verified owner)

  17. Tajnin ***** (verified owner)

  18. Alvia ***** (verified owner)

    This is by far the best cosmetics product I have ever used. It’s worth every penny!

  19. Naser **** (verified owner)

  20. Trisha ****** (verified owner)

  21. Reme ***** (verified owner)

  22. Mayesha ******* (verified owner)

  23. Romesh ***** (verified owner)

  24. Fiana ****** (verified owner)

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