• Dabo Hot Slimming Gel
  • Dabo Hot Slimming Gel
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DABO Hot Slimming Gel


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Dabo Hot Slimming Gel puts the body wastes, sweat, and hominess out of your body without any stimulation by supplying the heating of capsaicin ingredients of pepper when you massage. Also, it helps to make a slim body with the ingredients of collagen and Glucosamine which provide a lifting effect on your body. This is the body hot gel to care for a smooth and slim body. The cooling system from the natural ingredients of menthol and the heating system from the capsaicin ingredients of pepper is applied to the skin and also will give the skin resilience and smoothness.

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Dabo Hot Slimming Gel for weight loss provides rich nutrition to the skin, removes toxins, and excess fat, provides a lifting effect, and gives the skin elasticity and smoothness. Anti-cellulite gel with capsicane, menthol, collagen, and menthol extract due to its uniquely-selected composition, burns fat deposits, improves blood circulation, and eliminates the effect of tissue swelling. The proteins and vitamins that make up the cream nourish the skin. Under the influence of the components of the cream, moisturized skin becomes soft, smooth, and “toned”.

Acting on the problem areas of the skin, the cream actively fights cellulite, eliminating the characteristic bumps on the skin.

With regular use of Dabo Hot Slimming Gel, metabolic processes in the epidermis and subcutaneous fat are normalized, the density of fat deposits decreases, the synthesis of elastic fibers improves. The skin looks more toned and smooth, and the silhouette is slim.

Dabo Hot Slimming Gel is well absorbed, so you can use it at any time, when you are comfortable, in the morning, in the evening before bedtime, or before exercise. The gel can be applied to all areas that require attention – the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and upper arms.

How to use

  1. Before exercise, apply it everywhere you want. It enhances your skin elasticity and the heat effect helps to discharge body waste well.
  2. If you apply this slimming hot gel to your knee, arm joint and etc., the Cooling & Healing system provides you with a massage effect.
  3. Glucosamine & collagen make you experience a lifting effect, especially on dewlap. (belly, thigh, forearm)

Use daily 2 times a day. Not less than a month.



Do not use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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