Dabo S.O.S Recovery Cica Cream

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Dabo S.O.S Recovery Cica Cream is a premium product of the DABO brand. The product helps to create and restore skin after damage, or severe damage due to endocrine (rash, acne, inflammatory urticaria), or external influences. This product is integrated with many skin care benefits, while adding centella asiatica extract to help reduce the speed of skin aging and Improve skin with endocrine skin.

Dabo S.O.S Recovery Cica Cream is delicately combined by two precious essences Centella asiatica (65.3%) and Adenosine with a special ingredient formula certified by EWG as “Safe Natural Cosmetics”. : Restores and regenerates aging skin, promotes the regeneration of new skin cells, eliminates defective cells on the skin’s surface and activates new young cells, adjusts cell biology , improve skin respiratory problems, increase elasticity, restore skin damage caused by environmental, endocrine, health.

Dabo S.O.S Recovery Cica Cream

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