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DABO Vita tone up cream is one of the best intensive cream products containing Tranexamic Acid and Platinum Complex (Platinum, Vitamin E, C) that inhibit the formation of pigments. melanin, fade dark spots, brown spots, dark spots, anti-oxidant and even skin tone.

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9 kinds of vitamins, fatty acids, glycerin…: Necessary for your skin to help take care of all skin problems, Reduce skin sensitivity, Provide moisture for smooth and fresh skin, reduce Dry, flaky, Increase elasticity and firmness

  • Enhance skin elasticity and anti-aging.
  • Improve uneven skin tone, and whiten skin.
  • Moisturizes to keep skin smooth and shiny.
  • Improve dark, dull skin areas.
  • Soothes the skin and aids in the rapid healing of skin wounds.
  • Solve many skin problems such as sunburn, darkening, melasma, tanning, and sagging skin.
  • Creates a strong skin barrier to keep the skin healthy and smooth.
  • Smooth cream will quickly penetrate into the skin, 3D contouring feature helps create the effect of replacing makeup primer



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