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Improve the quality of skin care with freshness and moistness.Contain 99% of the grape extract for refreshed feeling and quick absorption.Make skin soft and moisturized. Moreover, multi-functional soothing gel for face, arms, legs and hair.Moisturization for dry skin. Small particles provide and maintain deep moisture to the rough dry skin, as well as adjust the oil balance to aid sebum control. A translucent texture without stickiness provides more moisturization. Soft absorption helps to calm tired skin quickly.

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Face and body gel contains 99% active grape extract.

Grapes have a high content of vitamin E, which has a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, nourishing and moisturizing effect.

Grape extract – a powerful antioxidant, prevents the breakdown of elastin in the skin, helping to maintain skin elasticity and elasticity. Contains natural fruit acids (AHA), which have a slight exfoliating effect and promote natural cell regeneration.

Face and Body Gel Grape Soothing Gel provides intensive hydration and rejuvenating therapy.
It is especially important to use this product in the summer, when the skin is particularly strongly exposed to the negative effects of aggressive sunlight. Gel for face and body Grape Soothing Gel helps to restore water balance, prevents dehydration, reduces inflammation and discomfort.

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount to the face and body skin that needs to be sedated and moistened

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30 reviews for KOELCIA Grape Soothing Gel

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