Pax Moly – Doctor whitening cream

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Pax Moly’s Doctor Whitening is the best solution for getting a white complexion with HypoAllergenic formula. It can be applied anytime (day or night) in any portion of face, underarms, calf, whole body, regardless of skin types because it has mild ingredients. 

  • Whitens and evens skintone 
  • Making skin radiant and glowy 
  • Diminishes blemishes which is deeply positioned on skin 
  • Flawless perfection 
  • Brightening Infusion
  • Korea FDA Approved

Whitening Cosmetics A brightening and radiant cream that contains pearl extract and KFDA listed ingredients of niacinamide for whitening helps to provide a nourishing, supple, balancing skin’s texture and evens tone. Pearl extract and niacinamide ingredients also help the skin for whitening and brightening by diminishing freckles and pimples!


How to Use:

Apply a generous amount on the skin evenly, then gently massage in a circular motion with your fingertip to be absorbed fully. If you are not satisfied with conventional products, Pax Moly Doctor Whitening is the right choice for genuine K-BEAUTY Cosmetics!


Country of origin: South Korea

Volume: 70g

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Pax Moly


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