Want your order featured on our TikTok page?

Here’s what to do!

Step 1. To request that your order packing be filmed for TikTok, please leave a comment for us in the ‘Notes’ section located at the bottom of the Checkout page during the checkout process.


Step 2. Leave a comment on one of our latest TikToks that you would like your order featured and make sure to leave your order number as well.

Step 3. Wait to see if your order is featured in our next packaging TikTok!

*Please note: 
1. If you ask us to film your order for TikTok, it might take longer to ship it because we need time to film. Please be patient with us.
2. We love making TikTok videos of our orders, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll fulfill every request due to different situations. Don’t worry though! You can always try again in the future.

Follow us on TikTok @OrientalBeautyXO and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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